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Weekend in Chianti

Rejuvenate your mind and your body with a weekend in Tuscany!

Ideas for a weekend in Chianti near Siena in Tuscany?
If you want to spend a weekend in Chianti near Siena in Tuscany discover the special offers and relaxing ideas the 4-star Palazzo San Niccolò in Radda in Chianti has for you!

By deciding on a stay in Chianti in Palazzo San Niccolò, for your Tuscany weekend between Siena and Florence, you will be able to enjoy numerous benefits for relaxing and entertainment including:
- A full-immersion in the Chianti’s wonderful natural surroundings and in the Siena countryside by taking excursions on foot, by bike or motorbike or on horseback, thanks to the special agreements the hotel has with numerous riding stables in the area.
- Take advantage of the tours organized by the hotel to discover the art treasures of Siena, Firenze and Pisa and to visit the fashion outlets between the Valdarno and the province of Florence.
- Indulge in some gastronomic tours to taste the many local gastronomic delights of the area and Tuscany’s typical cuisine accompanied, of course, by wine tastings which is a wonderful way to discover the region’s fine wines in the many excellent restaurants and wine cellars in Radda in Chianti.
- Indulge in your favourite sports like fishing, golf, tennis, jogging, trekking, cycling and mountain biking.
- Abandon yourself the delights of wellness with massages and exclusive treatments for the face and the body in the Spa Centro Benessere, one of the hotel’s partners, which is just a few metres from the Palazzo San Niccolò, and is available to all guests for the duration of their weekend break.

But these are just some of the many activities you can enjoy during your Tuscany weekend break, because the Chianti region is a mine of outdoor surprises, and by spending a weekend in the hotel Palazzo San Niccolò in Chianti you will discover all its wonderful treasures.

Want something exclusive for your weekend in Tuscany?

If you want to spend a really excusive and original weekend in Chianti and surprise your loved one or have fun with your family and friends, the Hotel Palazzo San Niccolò will make your dream come true because for an exciting weekend in Chianti it has the following in store for you:
- Hot-air balloon flights. To see the magnificent Chianti countryside and the delights province of Siena from the air.
- Helicopter tours. From a height of 300 metres you can delight in discovering towns like Monteriggioni and San Gimignano and the historic centre of Siena.
- Limousine and vintage car rentals with or without drivers. Give your loved one a surprise with a tour in a limousine or an excursion to places you choose together.

Choose one of these proposals form the Hotel San Niccolò in Radda in Chianti for a different weekend in Chianti, a weekend full of excitement and fun which will remain with you forever.

With regard to your stay in the Palazzo San Niccolò you will find elegantly furnished rooms which all the comforts typical of a 4-star hotel including air conditioning, Internet, a safe, a minibar, direct telephone lines and a bathroom with a shower or Jacuzzi bathtub.

For a fantastic weekend in Chianti we are here to welcome you at the Palazzo San Niccolò in Chianti where you will spend an unforgettable weekend in Tuscany!