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Relaxing holidays in Tuscany

Palazzo San Niccolò is an oasis for your relaxing holidays in Tuscany!

For your relaxing holidays choose the Chianti and the Siena countryside in Tuscany.
If you are looking for an ideal place to experience the real "Chianti relax" then you have to come to the 4-star Hotel Palazzo San Niccolò a Radda in Chianti in the province of Siena, in the heart of the Tuscan countryside. With us you will spend delightfully relaxed holidays and you will delight in the courtesy and comforts of our hotel for relaxing and wellness holidays.

By choosing the tranquil Palazzo San Niccolò for your stay in the Tuscan Chianti hills near Siena you will experience the Chianti relax in the unpolluted air and at being in close contact with nature and you can also indulge in your favourite pass times and activities.

By booking your relaxing holidays in Tuscany you will be able to:

- Take relaxing excursions on foot, bicycle and on mountain bikes through the delightful countryside around Siena.
- Relax with the massages and treatments in the hotel’s Spa which is in our partner hotel the Palazzo Leopoldo, just a short walk from the Palazzo San Niccolò.
- Spend time in the open air playing tennis or golf, fishing, jogging, trekking, on horseback and getting around by car to discover the luminous and beautiful Chianti hills.
- Take time to visit Florence, Siena, Pisa and the other famous towns in the Chianti and in Tuscany like Gaiole in Chianti, Greve in Chianti, San Gimignano and Monteriggioni.
- Indulge in the famous Chianti wines and the amazing flavours of the gastronomic delights of Siena and Florence, dropping into the well-stocked wine cellars and typical restaurants close to the hotel.
- Discover the art and the typical handcrafts and costumes in the Chianti Classico towns where every year they organize festivals, markets of new and antique artefacts and important classical and light musical events.
- Join in the fun of the many events organized in this fantastic and appealing part of Tuscany like the “Open Wine Cellars”, the “Goblets under the Stars”, and the “Chianti Autumn.”

Whatever the time of year you will enjoy relaxing holidays in the Chianti area near Siena, because the Chianti is one of those places where stress and daily worries just fade away thanks to the salubrious effects of the magical atmosphere which can be found only here.

Discover the advantages we have on offer for your relaxing holidays in Tuscany. Take time to chill out near Siena enjoying the real Chianti relax, and the Hotel Palazzo San Niccolò will be an impregnable fortress where your relaxation and your wellness can not be undermined, and worries will just fade away!

For your stay, the Hotel Palazzo San Niccolò has comfortable and elegant rooms with all modern comforts like Jacuzzis, Internet, safes, minibars and it serves its guests hearty breakfasts in the hotel’s dining room or in the charming gardens.

As well as the peace offered by a holiday removed form traffic, noise and smog, the Hotel Palazzo San Niccolò organizes a range of activities to amuse and relax its guests including:

- Tuscan cookery lessons. Learn the secrets of Tuscan cuisine and how to prepare some of its most traditional specialties.
- Tour the fashion outlets, taking time to wander around some of the major Italian and international brand outlets in Tuscany like the Prada Outlet which is only 20 kilometres from the Palazzo San Niccolò.
- Rent a scooter. A great way for hotel guests to get around the hills and towns of the Chianti area.
- See Tuscany from the air in a hot-air balloon or a helicopter. The best way for those who want and exclusive look at the beauties of the Chianti region and the Siena countryside.
- Rent a limousine or a vintage car with a driver to give your relaxing stay in Tuscany a sparkling touch of charm.

And finally for all those who, during their relaxing holidays near Siena at the Hotel San Niccolò, want to enjoy delicious light lunches and fantastic cocktails the place to go is the Caffè San Lorenzo Wine Bar, which is the ideal choice to enjoy to the last drop the Chianti relax.