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Horseback tour Tuscany

Enjoy exciting horse holidays in Chianti, in the heart of Tuscany!

Do you want to enjoy a horseback tour in Tuscany's countryside?
For your horse holidays in Tuscany choose the beautiful Chianti hills near Siena and, as you trot and gallop along, you will discover the amazing countryside and charm of central Tuscany for a truly exclusive horse riding holidays.

By choosing to stay in our hotel in Chianti for your horseback tour in Tuscany you will be able to enjoy the excellent services of the many stables in Radda in Chianti and in the Siena countryside for your excursions through the woods and the vineyards and the many fascinating corners just waiting to be discovered in the province of Siena.

The Palazzo San Niccolò in Chianti has agreements with numerous stables with excellent instructors in the area so children and guests who are not familiar with reins and saddles can discover the magical rapport that can be established with an intelligent animal like a horse.

The main stables in Chianti, which have agreements with the Palazzo San Niccolò. have horses which are trained in:

- The Western style
- The English style
- Equestrian tourism
and so during their horseback tour in Tuscany even expert riders will be able to enjoy excursions in the splendid Chianti countryside.

The Hotel San Niccolò’s services for horseback tour in Tuscany in the Siena countryside

Book a stay at the Palazzo San Niccolò hotel in Chianti for your horse holidays in Tuscany, and you will discover organized facilities and a staff which is always ready to make sure your every wish is granted.

The Hotel San Niccolò is in Radda in Chianti, which is right beside wonderful areas for riding excursions, and all those who choose to stay in our hotel for a relaxing horseback holiday close to Siena will also be able to use the hotel’s handy transfer shuttles to the stables.

The Hotel Palazzo San Niccolò has elegant and comfortable rooms with all comforts including Internet, direct telephone lines and Jacuzzis which are the ideal way to relax after a day spent on horse riding through the Chianti hills. The hotel also has a well-equipped wellness centre where guests can relax in the heated swimming pool, while the characteristic Wine Bar is the perfect choice for brunch, light lunches and cocktails.

And after an exciting day in the saddle guests can relax with fine Tuscan wines and specialties in the many wine cellars and typical restaurants in Radda in Chianti, an ideal spot in which to spend fantastic horse holidays in Tuscany.